Love Local

What is Love Local?

Love Local is the heart of Mackenzie Sampson. With John living in Crowborough and Danny in Rotherfield, the community is really at the core of what we are passionate about. We are blessed in the town with amazing schools, sports facilities, clubs and other such organisations, some of which need sponsorship and support from local businesses. Because of this Love Local was born.

We have teamed up with Beacon Academy, Crowborough Athletic Club, The Crowborough Players, Rotherfield Primary and are constantly open to grow this community.

The premise behind this is we will pay to advertise, through newsletters, programmes, events, pitch side marketing, but we will not stop our support there, we want our community to grow as we grow as a business. So any property that is sold through Mackenzie Sampson from those advertising avenues we will donate a further £200 per house back to these organisations.

We are also Carbon Neutral. As one of a handful of estate agents in the country we have our net carbon zero credentials, Using the latest technology such as bamboo digital business cards, iPads, sustainable office furnishing and by substantially reducing our printing by using technology to keep clients up to date with digital property brochures, videography and photography. And any carbon footprint we have we have committed to offsetting with planting of much needed trees.

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